Upcoming neighbourhoods in Valencia – NOU MOLES

Ever thought about moving to Valencia but don’t want to tread the beaten path? If you ask locals about the best neighborhoods, they will answer Russafa, El Carmen or El Cabanyal. But Valencia has so much more in store for you. Nou Moles for example. What are the best places to invest in and what do they have to offer? You read it here.

Nou Moles

Nou Moles is a district that received little attention by property investors in Valencia but is gaining popularity thanks to the proximity of the Turiapark and the Parque de Cabecera. Nou Moles offers plenty of opportunities for real estate at competitive prices.


Historians claim that the name origins from a mill with nine millstones (nou moles in Valencian). But don’t look for the mill, it burned down in 1929. The Nou Moles flour mill was located on the outskirts of the city, where field crops as wheat and oats were cultivated. It was the largest mill in the vicinity of Valencia, using the de Favara ditch to produce large quantities of flour and to supply the city.


Nou Moles is part of the district of L’Olivereta which lies to the west of the city. This district also consists of the neighborhoods Soternes, Tres Forques, La Fuensanta and La Llum. The famous Turia Park is the northern border of Nou Moles. The Avenida del Cid is the southern border.


Nou Moles has mainly medium-high buildings from the fifties and sixties without striking features or specific characteristics. However, the neighbourhood is gradually taking on a new look, as no fewer than five new residences are currently being built, which will be completed in the coming years. It is a residential area where prices are lower than in the more central areas of the city, without losing any of the sense of the city. And without the city being far away (see section Mobility). This combination makes Nou Moles popular with a young audience.

Iconic buildings

The long entrance hall of the administrative centre Nou de Octubre still evokes memories of the old prison that the impressive building once was. Today, it is not criminals who populate the former prison, but about two thousand civil servants who practice their profession and take care of administrative matters for the city.

On the Nou Moles square you can find the Nou Moles power station. The building was built in 1908 by the architect Vicente Rodríguez Martín.

Nou Moles Square

The former slaughterhouse, La Petxina Complex, on the border between the districts of Petxina and Nou Moles, has been transformed into a sports and cultural centre and has a swimming pool. The Alqueria Julia ruin will become La Casa de la Música and will include an auditorium, a library and a video library.

Food & nightlife

In La Bodegueta you will find generous portions at reasonable prices in an informal atmosphere. The friendly service in Al Punto serves excellent menus of the day. In the evening on weekends you can go to Café Pub El Volander for a live concert while enjoying a delicious gin and tonic or an IPA beer. Finally, Bar Ricardo is an absolute sensation with its seafood and fresh products. This family restaurant is located in the adjoining district of La Petxina.

Plazas and parks

Despite its limited surface area, Nou Moles offers a wide range of open spaces with the Parque de La Pechina Castán Tobeñas, Plaza Arturo Piera, Plaza de Nou Moles and Plaza de Roma.

Notable is the Parque del Oeste just south of the district with its a public swimming pool and even a North American F-86F Sabre aeroplane.

But despite the presence of this impressive war machine, this park is no competition for the Turiapark, the green lung and the garden of all Valencians.


The two metro lines from the airport to the city centre run through the Nou d’Octubre and the Avenida del Cid metro stations, which makes this district easily accessible. Metro lines 3 and 5 are also well connected to the beach.


Nou Moles remains low priced compared to other districts in Valencia. The average asking price per square metre in Nou Moles in the month of May 2019 is 1,454 €, or 23.72% lower than the average in Valencia. Like most of the districts in Valencia, here too prices have risen compared to a year ago, namely by +8.68%. Nou Moles is the 55 most expensive district of Valencia out of a total of 87 districts. Located next to the Turia Park and with favorable average prices, Nou Moles offers excellent investment opportunities. Go for it!

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