Investment opportunities in Quatre Carreres

Quatre Carreres is possibly the largest of Valencia’s districts, with 11,326 square kilometres. It consists of seven distinct neighbourhoods. They are Monteolivete, En Corts, Malilla, La Fonteta de Sant Lluis, La Punta, and the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias (Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciencies in Valenciano). This makes it a good place to invest as a foreign buyer.

But it wasn’t always the way…

A rich agricultural history

This land was essentially rural until the latter half of the 19th century, the neighbourhoods consisting of small hamlets and farmsteads. Even today, the southern half of the district is still largely without change. Fonteta de Sant Lluis remains a small hamlet without shops, looking out over fields with crops and some livestock. Mainly horses and cows. And yet it is right by the dual carriageway that lies to the south of El Saler commercial centre, as Amaricans might say, a mall on two floors with the huge Carrefour hypermarket and lots of clothes and sporting goods outlets. To its east you’ll find the iconic cultural complex that is the City of Arts and Sciences.

Head south for open land and skies

So this southern part of Quatre Carreres is ideal for those enjoying a semi-rural feel, with shopping, arts and culture on the doorstep. It doesn’t hurt that it still offers housing at an affordable rate as many prefer to look in more urban neighbourhoods. That said, Monteolivete and En Corts are bustling, and a few minutes’ walk from hip Ruzafa. And Malilla is immediately south of the beautiful urban space Parque Central. This will amplify when they sink the high-speed railway lines underground. They also plan to remove the rather ugly brutalist flyover that crosses these tracks.

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What’s in a name?

Quatre Carreres literally means “the four roads”, and refers to the thoroughfares to the north – cross and you’re in Ruzafa – and the east, where you’ll find the City of Arts and Sciences. In fact, Monteolivete and En Corts are just a street away from Ruzafa. There is a truism among estate agents (realtors) that by crossing Peris i Valero, you’ll save 40 per cent on property prices, and these areas are busy and have all the buzz of an urban neighbourhood. This means bars and local bistros aplenty, supermarkets and the Indian grocery stores that have fruit and veg outside on pavement displays until late at night.

Mix of urban living and farmland

You can’t appreciate Quatre Carreres without indulging in a little history. Both Fonteta de Sant Lluis and En Corts’ names come after 16th and 17th-century fountains. Legend said, they had healing properties. And Maililla is a corruption of an Arabic name that a large farm went by. And despite the vast area, there are only at present 74,000, meaning a very low population density. In other words, lots and lots of lovely space…

So why Quatre Carreres?

  • Strategic location with easy access to major roads and transportation
  • Proximity to the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, a cultural and architectural landmark
  • Diverse neighbourhoods with a mix of residential and recreational areas
  • Green spaces and parks, including the Turia Riverbed Gardens
  • To the south, a semi-rural feel with a sprinkling of hamlets, farmland and traditional paella houses that offer communal seating and a family atmosphere

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