Why Patraix Is A Good Place To Invest As A Foreign Buyer

Why is Patraix a good place to invest as a foreign buyer? It has a small-town feel but is in the heart of the city, for one thing…

Why Patraix is a good place to invest as a foreign buyer

People often tout Patraix as “the next Ruzafa”. Well, up to a point. It’s true that it has plenty of streets with modernist, belle époque townhouses reminiscent of Hausman townhouses in Paris. But Ruzafa feels more lively and cosmopolitan – and marginally more central. Some, though, choose Patraix over Ruzafa for that very reason. It is more laid-back. And what many value about Patraix is that it has the feel of a separate Spanish pueblo. And yet it is very much part of the city, almost as central. La Plaza de Patraix is an attractive, sun-drenched square with bars, cafés and a fine church. The Sagrat Cor de Jesús – Holy Heart of Jesus – comes with a distinctive narrow tower. Opposite, you’ll find attractive pastel-coloured almshouse-style buildings with a small park in front. It’s the perfect spot to while away a sunny afternoon, enjoying a merienda. And with two Metro stops (Patraix and Jesus) and its proximity to the AVE station Joaquín Sorolla means it’s incredibly well connected.

Central but with its own personality

Still being attractively priced compared with other central barrios makes it a popular choice with young families. This adds to the laid-back feel of the place. A much-loved spot is El Parque del Padre Jofré where families and couples come to play or simply stroll and sit. It’s known locally as El Parque de Los Locos because it is on a site formerly occupied by a psychiatric sanatorium. It’s great for grocery shopping, too. As well as the usual suspects (Mercadona and Consum) there is the Mercado de Jesus. Here you’ll find around 70 stalls selling everything, including fish, meat, fruit, vegetables and all the necessities. 

Living here is a walk in the park

Although well-connected by Metro, train and bus, the best way to enjoy the neighbourhood is to walk around. You’ll see the modernist townhouses on the Extramurs side of the neighbourhood in streets such as Calle Alcudia, Beata Inés and Marqués de Elx. A brisk walk will take you to Parque Central, near the main Joaquin Sorolla train station. A shorter walk will take you to the Extramurs district and the glorious Jardin Botánico. And from there it is a short walk to the bars of El Carmen. A perfect day of strolling.
In summary, if you are looking for a great investment opportunity, Patraix has much to offer:

  • Pretty central
  • Great communications links by road, train and Metro
  • Friendly neighbourhood
  • Authentic atmosphere
  • Good market for rentals
  • Family friendly
  • Good distribution of parks
  • Great shopping
  • Everything is walkable

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