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Ever thought about moving to Valencia but don’t want to tread the beaten path? If you ask locals about the best neighbourhoods in Valencia, they will answer Russafa, El Carmen or El Cabanyal. But Valencia has so much more in store for you. What are the best places to invest in and what do they have to offer? You read it here.


Nazaret is a neighbourhood where the past meets the future. It is a district full of contrasts that finally is able to look forward again after decades of status quo. Located between city and port, Nazaret is the next magnet in Valencia’s property market.


In the nineteenth century, Nazaret was mainly inhabited by farmers and fishermen. Later they were accompanied by holidaymakers from the richer parts of the city. In the sixties and seventies, the beach of Nazaret was the best in Valencia. Anno 2018, the only thing that reminds us of the time when Nazaret was a fashionable seaside resort, are the photos and the stories. Forty years ago, the beach had to make way for the expansion of the port. That made Nazaret an isolated corner in Valencia. A typical example of this subjection can still be seen in the streets today: the wall of several kilometres that separates the neighbourhood from the harbour.


But the neighbourhood is getting back on its feet. While they are building a wall between Mexico and the United States, they are tearing down the wall between Nazaret and the port. Today, the realization of various projects interacts as a catalyst for the rehabilitation of the neighbourhood and its 6000 inhabitants. The works on metro line 10 are have begun, which will connect the neighbourhood to Russafa and the rest of the city. The area east of Nazareth, the so-called area zero, will be revitalized by the construction of the training centre of football club U.D. Levante. The works on the Parque de Desembocadura started at the end of 2018. With its 195,600 square meters, it will become the third largest park in Valencia, after the Cabecera Park and the newly opened Central Park.



Nazaret is a neighbourhood in the district of Poblados Marítimos. The district lies in the shadow of the City of Arts and Sciences. She is situated between the port and the centre. Nazaret borders the old channel of the River Turia and the districts El Grao and El Cabanyal-Canyamelar, in the east with the harbour, in the south with the rivers Turia and Pinedo and in the west with the train tracks and the Quatre Carreres district. The beach is just a ten-minute bike ride away. Cycling to the centre of Valencia will take you about fifteen minutes, mainly via the Turia Park, the green lung of the city.



Every year, the neighbourhood is being mobilized for its summer sports week, bringing together local and cultural entities. The Nazaret sports week (25 to 30 June in 2018) mobilizes the whole community to play classical games such as water sports, football, basketball and gymnastics, but also traditional sports such as tha chi and yoga. The highlight is the running race at the weekend, when runners from all over the city come to Nazaret. Throughout the year you are welcome in El Polideportivo Municipal, which features different sports fields. Among others, the water polo club of Valencia trains and plays its games in the swimming pool of Nazareth.


For fresh meat, local fish or freshly baked bread you go to the covered market, the Mercado Municipal de Nazaret. For tapas you can go to Nou Chaparral or El Mesó. The family restaurant Bar Aquilino serves the best paella since 1950.

Festivals & Culture

On 12 May 2018, the Day of Africa was celebrated for the 14th time to raise funds for the Kiziguro project, with the aim of building 135 houses in Rwanda. It is a day full of cultural events and dances and with the participation of various collectives and entities. The festivals of the Mare De Déu in May honours the traditional paella. Nazaret did not steal its name, by the way. Every year in September, the old fishermen’s district celebrates the feast of the Holy Christ, a traditional and religious festival. And like everywhere in March, also Nazaret is completely captivated by Las Fallas.


Some say Nazaret is the new Cabanyal. Until a few years ago, Cabanyal was a poor neighborhood completely ignored by investors. Today we see that prices are on the rise as a result of the increased demand. Nazaret also has those typical picturesque authentic houses like in Cabanyal, but they are much more affordable.

Normally there are around 60 to 80 properties for sale in Nazaret, the average price of which variesbetwe en 800 and 1250 Eur / m². The prices range from 469 Eur / m² to 2,759 Eur / m². There is housing for sale ranging from a fully refurbished apartment of 25.000 Eur to a modern loft of 410.000 Eur. We also notice an increase in the number of young buyers in Nazareth. It definitely pays off to invest in Nazaret, it has become an interesting real estate market in recent years. Nazaret still offers an excellent opportunity for a low budget but the gentrification is in full swing. Jump on the bandwagon before it is too late.

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