Grau – A Good Place To Invest As A Foreign Buyer

Valencia Life in association with Valencia Secreta has recently highlighted the top ten projects that will change the face of Valencia over the next ten years. La Plataforma Autonómica de Interoperabilidad de la Generalitat Valenciana (PAI) is a name for autonomous municipalities in Valencia. The PAI del Grau is to have a facelift. Grau is the area between Avenida de Francia and the port area. The neighbourhood is to have 3,000 new homes (40% of which will be public or social housing), together with green areas. There will be a connection between both ends of the riverbed. And there will be an extension of the Avenida de Francia and the Alameda to the sea.

So what is El Grau?

El Grau is a neighbourhood on the north side of the Turia Gardens bound mainly by Avenida de las Balears and Avenida del Puerto. It is the last part of the city before reaching El Cabanyal, traditionally and historically a fishing village less than 5km from the city centre. While El Cabanyal is typified by characteristic tiled fishermen’s cottages, El Grau is somewhat more urban, with plenty of apartment blocks. In recent years, while prices in El Cabanyal have soared, prices in El Grau have been rising at a much slower rate. What this means is that it offers easy access to the city centre and to the beach. While remaining extremely budget-friendly for investors.

And what is it like?

Well, as mentioned above, it has a more urban feel than El Cabanyal. But equally the infrastructure is a little more urban. It has very good Metro links, as well as trams. And its proximity to the Turia Gardens is a huge draw. Its proximity to the various university faculties of Blasco Ibañez means that there will always be students chasing affordable monthly rentals in El Grau. And it’s becoming ever-more popular with nomads and urban settlers looking for good deals on monthly rentals. It has great local restaurants. We recommend the hugely atmospheric Taberna El Grau for regional food and a traditional tiled ambience. Or Bodega La Peseta El Grau is also fabulous. A lively neighbourhood bistro that specialises in every kind of tortilla and traditional tapas, it’s not to be missed. It’s on a corner opposite the new Mercat El Grau, a trendy reformed traditional indoor market. Superb for food and supplies. El Grau is really coming into its own, and the new plans by the City Council mean there is only one way your investment will go. Up.

And that is why Grau is a good place to invest as a foreign buyer…

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