Renting to expats in Valencia: how to make money with your apartment

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So you have finally decided to invest in Valencia, the nicest city in Spain. Congratulations! Most foreigners that buy an apartment in Valencia did so partly for “romantic reasons”, and partly for “business reasons”: They fell inlove with Valencia, and at the same time they realised that a buying an apartment in the city of Valencia is a low-risk investment. Indeed, if well managed, you can make money with your apartment in Valencia. And you can even come on holiday to that same apartment whenever you want. What is the secret? Very simple: Renting your apartment to expats in Valencia with Globexs.

Valencia or the Costa Blanca?

I quote one of our Dutch clients:  “We are in love with Javea. For many years we spent most of our holidays there. But it never occurred to me to invest in real estate in Javea or Denia or anywhere else at the Costa Blanca. One day we did a citytrip to Valencia and suddenly we realized that the metropolitan area of Valencia offers much better investment opportunities than the Costa Blanca.”

While most cities at the Costa Blanca are a bit empty (and sad according to some), the city of Valencia is full of live 365 days a year. Valencia has a thriving expat community all year round and is becoming increasingly popular amongst digital nomads and remote workers. The city of Valencia is very interesting for mid-term expat rentals, and clever investors are recognizing the opportunities.

Renting to expats in Valencia

In Valencia, like in the rest of Spain, there are 3 types of rentals: Traditional long term unfurnished rentals,
mid-term (3-11 months) furnished rentals and short term holiday rentals. The holiday (airbnb) market is clearly saturated, but the mid-term expat rentals offer huge possibilities to apartment owners in Valencia.

What are expats looking for?

An expat is somebody that spends a certain time abroad, usually for professional reasons (even though many foreign retirees in Spain like to call themselves expats as well).

When the duration of the foreign assignment is less than 1 year, what often is the case, the expat encounters important challenges and obstacles when searching for an apartment and often ends up using the services of a company like Globexs.

Thousands of foreigners in Valencia (expats, digital nomads, remote workers, project managers, retirees, etc.) are interested in this specific segment of the rental market.

What are expats looking for?

  • mid-term (1-11 months)
  • fully furnished rental apartments
  • affordably priced
  • with flexible contracts
  • with all expensed included in the rental price

This kind of rentals is exactly what foreign professionals are looking for, and clever apartment owners recognize the opportunities. Indeed, if properly managed by a professional company like Globexs, mid-term expat rentals offer huge advantages to apartment owners.

What are the advantages of renting to expats?

Expats are foreign professionals. They move to Valencia for a certain period (usually between 1 and 11 months) for a project or an assignment. They are the perfect tenants for a number of reasons:

  • No risk of payment problems.
  • The owner keeps the control over the apartment.
  • The rent is much higher than traditional rent.
  • Tenants are usually very educated people who take care of the apartment.
  • The owner can use his apartment whenever he wants (for example to spend his holidays).
  • Owners feel the satisfaction of actually helping expats settling in.

Why renting to expats in Valencia with Globexs?

Globexs is the number one platform for expat rentals with 12 years experience. We are the industry reference in Spain and Belgium. Apartment owners love working with Globexs for many reasons:

  • Globexs finds the right tenant for the right apartment
  • No payment problems. The owners are paid by Globexs every month.
  • Globexs takes care of the rental contract.
  • Globexs is the contact person for both owner and tenant. We solve problems.
  • 24/7 service for owners and tenants.
  • Globexs is completely free for the owners.
  • Globexs takes care of the apartment.

Renting to expats is a specific business

At Globexs we dedicate a lot of time explaining to home owners the specifics of renting to expats. Renting to expats can be very lucrative, on the condition that it is managed correctly. The management of an expat apartment requires a relationship of trust and confidence between the owner and Globexs.

At Globexs we have 2 types of customers: expats and apartment owners. Expats come and go, but apartment owners are customers for life. Their apartments are in good hands. We control, manage and adjust when necessary.

Close the circle with Globexs, Blue Key, and Nestor.

The Globexs group is a service company for expats, foreign investors and apartment owners in Valencia. With the brand Blue Key we help foreigners invest in property in Valencia, with the brand Globexs we rent their apartment to expats and with the brand Nestor we manage their apartment (concierge services, maintenance, …).

As a matter of speaking the Globexs group closes the circle for investors in Spain. We help foreigners invest in the most beautiful city in Spain, a full service package.

Click here for more information about closing the circle with the Globexs group.

Rent your apartment to expats

Instead of renting your apartment to tourists or throwing it on the traditional rental market you could rent it to expats. With a company like Globexs you can start renting to expats in Valencia for periods between 1-11 months. No hassle, good occupancy rate, great income.

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