Questions you should be asking before you invest in property in Valencia

Valencia beach

If you want to retreat in the summer to a place where you can relax, shop, eat and drink, sunbathe and hike, Valencia offers all of this, and with property prices still low, you make your investment and be assured of equity, and a nice change of pace. Take a look at the fundamental questions you should be asking before you invest in property in Valencia.


Valencia is a small city, easily navigable on foot, just ten minutes from the beach and surrounded by the Calderona mountains. It is known for its orange groves, pine forests and rice production from the freshwater Albufera lake, home to wildlife and the famous paella. The fire festivals in March are famous worldwide and bring huge amounts of tourism, apartments can be rented out during this time at double or triple the market price, and that is not to mention La Tomatina which is held in the nearby village of Buñol.


Investment in property in Valencia is on the rise and for good reason. With a renewed growth in prices, investors are seeing returns on their properties. The market is now stable and projects that were paused in the crash of 2009 are now being resumed. Prices are still low but are predicted to rise steadily over the coming years, so investment right now is a smart move. You can find property in all areas from mountain villages with spectacular views of the distant ocean, to seafront properties with gates leading straight out onto the Mediterranean. To give you a ballpark figure, £100,000 can get you a city centre three-bedroom apartment with a lift and communal swimming pool. By 2020 we should expect this to be no less than £120,000, so returns will be strong over the coming years.


Valencia is located on the East coast of Spain, around three hours by train or car from Barcelona, one hour from Benidorm and Alicante, and three hours from Madrid. The weather here is much easier than in most parts of Spain, ten degrees lower in the summer and ten degrees higher in the winter. It has its own microclimate due to the protection of the surrounding mountains. There is a steady and calm breeze along the front, meaning beach sports such a windsurfing, kite-surf and yachting are very common. The city has around one-million inhabitants, making it a place where you can see the latest bands and cinema, but also enjoy the surrounding villages where the Spanish life and culture are still highly prominent. There is a local language in Valencia (similar to Barcelona), but here people are incredibly accommodating and will speak to you in English or Castilian Spanish.


There are many places to go for to get advice on investing in property in Valencia. It is important to visit and get a feel for the area, the locals, the city and the food. When making any property investment, contact a local English-speaking lawyer with experience in property to give you lowdown of cost and possible pitfalls. Flights go all year to Alicante and for most of the year to the local Airports of Valencia and Castellón at very reasonable prices.


Well you can contact us here at BlueKey investments and look at some of our case studies. We are local to Valencia and bi-lingual in English, Spanish, Dutch, French and German. We as investors, know what investors need and we will help you every step, we recommend independent legal advice and we will be the first to flag up any risk.