EL CARMEN VALENCIA: Investment in property in the old city centre of Valencia

Old city centre Valencia

El Carmen Valencia is a great part of a city which is growing to be one of the busiest places in Europe for tourism. With massive investment in facilities and infrastructure, Valencia has become a great city to visit, from night-life to history to clean, sunny beaches, there is something for everyone.

And right in the heart of it all is the labyrinthine barrio that is El Carmen. Shop, bars, cafes, restaurants, winding streets and ancient ruins. It really is one of the finest examples of the Spanish Old Town, and with the market currently low on property prices, with forecast growth, it’s the perfect time for investment.

So let’s give you ten quick reasons as to why this is the case:

1. The weather is hot for nine months of the year

Valencia has a micro-climate due to the mountains surrounding it, it has a Mediterranean climate which is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer than the rest of Spain. From March to November the temperature hits 20º, with highs of 36º in summer.

2. The food is amazing and unique to Valencia

Around el Carmen you can find any style of food from American to South East Asian. But the real gastronomy is to be found in the local tapas and the Paella. Tasca Ángel and Boatella are two of the best places in the city for simple, fresh, Valencia tapas. Amazing seafood, perfectly cooked, with a cold beer on a hot day is just heaven.

3. El Carmen has an urban vibe

Over the past 10 years, El Carmen has changed and become a modern area more appealing to younger people. Tourism has risen sharply so the local places have adapted to cater for this. Almost everyone in El Carmen speaks English. There is a gritty underbelly to the neighbourhood, especially found in Plaza Negrito where the music is funky and the party goes on late into the wee hours.

4. The historical buildings are a pure tourist attraction

The Cathedral of El Carmen Valencia dates back to the 13th century. It is a stunning cathedral and you can climb the Micalet to get a perfect view of the city from the very centre. La Lonja de La Seda was the stock exchange for silk in the 15th century. It is an important end-point of the Silk Road.

5. Calle Caballeros; fun and frolics

The main street in El Carmen Valencia runs from Plaza de la Virgen to the Torres de Quart. And all the way along you can find something fun. Great bars, quirky shops, plazas, street parties. This is the central nerve of El Carmen and it is a playground for tourists.

6. Two amazing plazas in El Carmen Valencia

In the centre of El Carmen are two huge Plazas, De la Virgen, and De la Reina. These two squares are lined with bars and restaurants, there are Irish pubs, street stalls, cafes and restaurants. The fountains are beautiful, the sun shines down and it is always a great day out.

7. The Central market, food as it should be

The central market in the centre of El Carmen Valencia is a holy grail for foodies. Local sellers with stalls selling food that is sourced from the Valencian Community. It is famous for Valencian oranges, rice grown in the Albufera, and many other foods that Valencia is famous for. Visiting this place is truly an experience in seeing how markets once were and how they should continue to be. It is a testament to Valencia that the building has not been sold and remains a cultural centre of El Carmen.

8. Tourism is on the rise, and here are the figures

2016 and 17 have both been record breaking years for Valencia, with an average of 16% increase in tourism and forecast growth to continue all the way through to 2030, there is confidence and optimism in the market. Tourists are well accepted in Valencia and investment is being made to make sure that growth in tourism is managed and planned.

9. Average prices are lower than in similar areas in Spain

The fantastic news for investors is that despite the predictions for growth in the market, the property prices are still at their lowest. This makes for sound prices with a high level of confidence in prices rising over the coming years. The time is genuinely now and investment on property is set to see returns.

10. There is great scope for letting

The record breaking figures on tourism in speak for themselves (article, in Spanish). August 2017 saw 6.3 million visitors, making a clear case for property to let. It is not only in the summer as tourism to Valencia continues all year round, with high points for the Fallas festival and the Cheste Grand Prix as weeks for increased profits. The best companies to manage your property in El Carmen Valencia are obviously Globexs and Blue Key. Globexs ensures a rental income and Blue Key takes care of the property management. 

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