Blue Key: a one stop solution for foreign investors in Valencia

How investing with bluekey works

Valencia is booming! That is the least you can say about this wonderful city famed for its paella, climate, beaches and architecture. Thousands of foreign investors in Valencia are currently looking for their dream home or for a property that delivers the desired return for them.

Although Valencia is the latest Spanish city to introduce curbs on private holiday rentals in a bid to tackle mass tourism it remains very attractive to foreign investors. Nearly 1 year ago we at Blue Key identified 8 reasons to invest in Valencia, and recently a leading real estate agency came up with a comprehensive list of 10 reasons. Yes, everybody in the real estate industry agrees that Valencia is currently offering interesting business opportunities.

The full circle for foreign investors in Valencia

The Blue Key services offers a one-stop solution for foreign investors in Valencia. We help our customers find their dream property, we assist them with the legal side of the purchase (we are lawyers), we do the property management, and we rent out the property to expats through our sister company Globexs.


Blue Key offers the service of personalized property search. Our real estate partners will find exactly what you are looking for, in every budget, in every corner of the city of Valencia. The total real estate commission that you pay is usually around 3% for properties within the Valencia city limits.


You need a lawyer when you buy a property in Spain. The Blue Key lawyers operate completely independent from the real estate agents. If the investment is risky they will advise against the purchase. The Blue Key legal assistance package consists of risk analysis, bank formalities, administration formalities (NIE,…), notary assistance, and guarantee a risk-free investment. The price of the legal assistance package varies between 1900€ + VAT and 1,5% of the purchase price.


We publish your property on the Globexs website and rent it out to expats moving to Valencia. Globexs is the reference for service and quality regarding temporary rentals and Valencia relocation assistance. The authentic Globexs Experience is guaranteed for the guests staying in your apartment.


Once you have bought your property we will take care of it: we can organize construction, paintjobs, decoration, utilities (water, gas, wifi, etc.). If you decide to rent your property we take care of cleaning, linen change, check-in, check-out and maintenance.


The average annual temperature of 18 ° C, the 300 sunny days per year, the 20km of beaches and the cultural heritage make Valencia the ideal city to live and invest in. Most first time visitors fall in love with the city, They immediately agree that it is better to live in Valencia than in Madrid or Barcelona and establish their own personal top 10 reasons to visit Valencia. 

At Blue Key we are ready to welcome you in Valencia! We are you one-stop solution provider. We help you find a great property and rent it out to tourists and expats. A win-win for everybody.

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